Hi! My name is Félix-Antoine! I'm 19 years old and I'm coming back of Germany for the Fifa worldcup. I'm finishing my Cegep this fall and I am weather in a restaurant ''Cage au sport''. This winter, I will travel around South America and this spring I will go in Greece. I love the sports. I surf and I play soccer, hockey, Handball, etc. I will begin university in communication in fall 2007.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is the episode five. Eric decided to buy a ring for Donna, to become engaged with her. Kelso decided to do the same thing with Jackie and he found a good deal for buying their two rings.
After watching a movie, Eric gave his present to Donna. Kitty was very excited to know the new and Red was force to take her inside to help the lovers to have some privacy in the garden. Kelso was not ready to give his ring early. The problem is that Fez talked too much again and told to Jackie the Kelso’s plan. Jackie was always trying to find the ring and finally obligated Kelso to ask her to be engaged. In the end, Donna gave back the ring to Eric because she wasn’t ready to be engaged with him because she was too young. Eric was very sad and took a break with her.
I really liked to listen ‘’That 70s show’’ because the seventies atmosphere was demonstrate very well by the clothes of the characters, the objects of the scenery and the seventies music. This program was also very funny and serious at some times. It was different because the subjects who were treated were occasionally severe and very interesting. For example, the separation of Eric and Donna was sad for the reason that these two characters are together since the beginning of the program. In conclusion, I will continue to listen ‘’That 70s show’’ after the end of my English course.

This is the fourth episode. Eric gets a new employment at the local burger joint. The problem is that he hates this job. He would quit early but he doesn't want his dad to think he's a quitter. Donna said at everybody in the gang that her parents will be away for all the weekend and she'll be alone with her little sister. Badly, Eric misses completely the message she's trying to send him.

This is the second episode of the season. The relation is stressed between Donna and Eric when Donna keeps beating Eric at basket ball in one-on-one game. Jackie explains Donna that the boys are like kids and that Eric will never be her boyfriend if she doesn't let him win. During this time, Red passes all his time around the house to trying fixing things that aren't broken.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That 70s Show

This is the first episode of Season One. Red and Kitty decided to give their "Vista Cruiser Station Wagon 1964" to their son Eric.
Then, Eric decided to use the Oldsmobile to got out of "Point Place" with his friends to watch a Todd Rundgren concert. Red, Éric's father, gave him the order not to out of the town with the car but the five teenagers decided to do it secretly. They had a big problem after one hour on the road because the car broke down. They were obligated to go back home with the car before the return of the parents after their party. Finally, they decide to be safe, to give up two tickets of the show to pay for the new batteries.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I decide to chose ''That's 70's show''. This television program plqays on wednesdayon Foxat 8:00 pm. It's the story of six teenagers who live during the seventies in Point Place in Wisconsin. The main caracters are Eric, Donna: the girlfriend, Michael: the beautiful and little bit stupid guy, Stevens: the rebel and cool guy, Jackie: the cute girl and Fez: the foreigner who looks likes a Pakistani. They spend their time in Eric's house; always supervised by the gentle mother kitty and the serious father Red. I want to begin to watch this program every week because I like their humour, the seventies atmosphere and the seventies music.